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Ramblewood Condominiums

What is up at Ramblewood Condos?

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Current events, news, and other updates...


Residents may have noticed that the chaise lounges in the pool area were looking a little rough around the edges.  The paint on the frames was chipping, and the vinyl straps were rotting away.  We were able to replace the chaise lounges today thanks to Sophies awesome bargain hunting.  The old chairs are in storage right now in the rec room, and the new lounges are in the pool area.  Check them out, they are larger and more comfortable than the old ones, with adjustable arms.  They are of great quality.  If anyone is interested in buying one of the old ones for $5.00, they will be available for about a week before they will be hauled away. 

We have also replaced the tables on the greenbelt.  The old concrete tables were starting to crack, bend, and crumble away.  This made the benches and tables less comfortable and also added a risk of injury.  All of the tables and benches have been replaced with new conrete sets, which look great!


Thanks to all who came out on Saturday to enjoy the BBQ! The food was great, and everyone had a lot of fun. The kids AND adults had a ball with the piņata and the water balloons. Congratulations to Keri, the winner of the $50 assessment prize. Special thanks to Tina for organizing the event, and to Sophie and David for their help. It was a great success!


This is just a reminder for our residents on some of the R & Rs. Please try to keep your noise to a minimum when using the pool at night, particularly on the weeknights. The sound travels quite a bit. Also please remember no one under 18 should be in the pool area after 10:00 p.m. on any night, even when supervised by adults. This is a time for our adult residents to enjoy the pool. Lastly, anyone caught with glass bottles or containers of any kind will be fined $500, so please keep it to plastic folks.

If you have a pet, whether it is a dog OR a cat, please use a leash when walking your animal. No pets are allowed on the grounds unsupervised or without a leash. And always pick up after your pet; there has been an increase in the amount of dog and cat feces found on the property.


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