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                                      November 2012

Blue Barrels
Ramblewood appreciates those who recycle, however plese be aware that plastic bags are not part of the recyclable items. Please remember not to put plastic bags into the barrels and do not throw trash in them. Please break down cardboard boxes.
The pickup day for our area is now Saturday instead of Thursday. 
Towel / Clothing
Per section 9.6 of the rules and regulations:
"Nothing shall be hung from, draped upon or affixed to the outside of balconies or any other exterior part of a unit...In addition to such obviously unsightly items as garments, towels and mops this also pertains to decorative items such as banners and lights"
Bicycles are not to be left in front of the units, under the stairs or on porches or patios. Please put bicycles inside the unit or in the garage when they are not in use.
If you are having a problem with your power and resetting the circuit breakers does not take care of the problem, there are 2 ways to resolve the problem:
1. Call an electrician and if he determines that the main fuses are bad, then call the Ramblewoood office or see our Groundskeeper Daniel and we will replace the fuses at no charge to the homeowner.  this will incur a fee for a service call from the electrician. Do Not have the electrician replace the main fuses!
2. Call the Ramblewood office or see Daniel our Groundskeeper. The main fuses will be checked and replaced if necessary. If the main fuses are not the problem, then call an electrician, the problem is internal and the cost of the repairs is on the homeowner.
Patios and porches will be inspected this month. Units with patios or porches that need attention will receive a notice. Units will have 2 weeks from the date of theh notice to resolve the issue or a fine may be assessed. If your porch is in need of repair or painting please inform the office and it will be taken care of.
LANDSCAPING - The winter grass is growing nicely. Please try not to use the green belt too much at this time as the ground is very moist and the grass is easy to tear up..
Lastly a great big THANK YOU! To those that help us keep the community clean and looking good. We receive many compliments on how nice our community looks. If you notice something that needs attention please call or stop by the office to let us know.

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